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Vapour retarder WÜTOP® DB 2

WÜTOP DB 2 vapour retarder

Art.-no.: 0681000004

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Vapour retarder WÜTOP® DB 2

Art.-no.: 0681000004

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Vapour-permeable, moisture-regulating, airtight and easy-to-install vapour retarder for interior renovations and attic conversions. To be used in conjunction with vapour-permeable underlay membranes and roof protection films
  • Durable and tear-resistant thanks to embedded mesh fabric

  • Prevents heat loss caused by unnecessary airflow

  • Prevents moisture penetration of internal heat insulation and, therefore, the impairment of the insulating effect

  • DB2 2SK with adhesive strips on both sides for permanent airtight/windproof bonding

  • Wütop DB 2 in combination with vapour-permeable roof protection film from the Wütop series provides year-round breathability for insulation and frame structure and creates a healthy indoor climate
Proof of Performance

DIN EN 13984


Installation instructions for between-rafter insulation

  • Fix WÜTOP DB 2 to the warm side of the heat insulation using a stapler (hammer tacker or hand-held stapler) and secure with battens

  • The smooth side always faces toward the installer

  • Vertical overlaps must always lie on a rafter

  • Ensure sufficient overlap: Horizontal overlap: at least 10 cm (overlap strip), vertical overlap: approx. 20 cm

  • All overlaps and tacked points must be bonded and made airtight using suitable adhesive tape (Eurasol)

  • For airtight attachment to masonry, the membrane is bonded using Wütop film adhesive and secured with a clamping batten, if necessary

  • Take care not to damage the membrane during installation

  • Before the interior cladding (gypsum plasterboard, wood panelling etc.) is attached, check again that the vapour retarder has been correctly installed and remedy if necessary

Installation instructions for over-rafter insulation

  • Wütop DB 2 is ideal for use as a vapour retarder for over-rafter insulation

  • Installation: Same procedure as for between-rafter insulation

  • Please note: May be exposed to weather for max. 6 weeks

Installation instructions for renovation of old buildings

  • Sharp objects (e. .g. nails) that protrude from the interior cladding into the rafter area must be removed to avoid damaging the vapour retarder

  • Wütop DB 2 is laid over the rafters from the outside with the fleece facing the room interior. Install with the smooth side facing outwards

  • All overlaps and penetrations must be given an airtight seal using suitable adhesive tape (Eurasol)

  • Recommendation: Secure Wütop DB 2 to the rafters using clamping battens

  • Bond joints at the eaves (eave beams or masonry) using Wütop film adhesive. Additional mechanical fixing with clamping battens is recommended

  • The vapour retarder Wütop DB 2 must not be used to renovate rooms where the humidity is continually over 60%

  • In line with DIN 4108 Part 3, structures not built using standard construction methods must be verified via calculation (condensate calculation). Therefore, the use of Wütop DB 2 for renovation work must be agreed upon beforehand by Würth Application Support (phone: +49 (0)7940 15-2552)

Coating weight per m²

116 g

Length of roll

50 m

Roll width

1.5 m

Number of rolls per pallet

30 PCS

Min./max. temperature resistance

-40 to 80 °C

Building material class/conditions

E / in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1

Air layer thickness equivalent to water-vapour diffusion/conditions

2.52 m / in accordance with EN 1931

Resistance to penetration of water


Resistance to tear propagation (longitudinal)

220 N

Resistance to tear propagation (transverse)

200 N

Longitudinal tensile force per 50 mm

347 N

Transverse tensile force per 50 mm

321 N