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Speed Omni-Cut diamond cutting disc, construction site

Speed Omni-Cut angle grinder diamond cutting disc

Art.-no.: 5526860115

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Speed Omni-Cut diamond cutting disc, construction site

Art.-no.: 5526860115

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Yellow for construction sites. For angle grinders. Enormously versatile and extremely fast. Specially developed for use in frequently changing materials. Also optimally suited for use by rescue services (fire departments, technical relief organisations etc.).

Flexible and fast

Perfect for all users who do not do a great deal of cutting, but for whom flexibility and speed are important.

Cuts virtually all materials

Diamonds applied directly to the main blade with a special vacuum process (BSL) form an extremely aggressive abrasive surface that functions even with tough materials.

Easy to use

Additional grinding surfaces of silicon carbide on the main blade widen the cut and enable more pleasant cutting.

Considerably cooler cutting

Cooling openings located directly under the segment provide for optimum cooling in the main blade in conjunction with cooling openings configured as captive direction of rotation arrows.

  • Diamond cutting discs become blunt at excessively high rotation speeds and wear too rapidly at insufficient peripheral surface speeds

  • If ease of cutting is lost (indicated by heavy sparking), resharpen the disc in abrasive material, e.g. sandstone, with several cuts

  • Cut larger workpiece cross-sections into several sections (swing cut)

  • Work without applying pressure – the weight of the machine is sufficient. Increased pressure causes increased wear.

  • Diamond cutting discs are designed for straight cutting. Cutting curves deforms the blade and results in core cracks and segment tear-offs – risk of injury!

  • Despite the level of safety offered by the tool, always wear safety glasses and clothing while working

  • Observe the information on the label (max. rotation speed), the restrictions of use and the safety instructions

  • The direction arrow on the disc must match the machine's direction of rotation

  • Must not be used for lateral grinding

  • Use the appropriate protective hood

  • Clamping must be performed only by a trained specialist (do not use force, use clean clamping flanges of the same size, perform a test run)

  • If grinding tools are clamped or used incorrectly or are damaged, they represent a danger and may cause serious injury
Application area

For dry and wet cutting

E.g. for cutting through guard rails, rubber or glass

Versatility (points system)

4 of 4 points

Service life (points system)

2 of 4 points

Cutting speed (point system)

4 of 4 points

Cut quality (point system)

2 of 4 points


115 mm

Drill hole

22.23 mm

Segment height

6 mm

Segment thickness

2.5 mm

Number of segments


Segment connection


Max. rotation speed

13300 U/min(rpm)

Max. circumferential speed

80 m/s

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