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Washable and reusable barrier mask

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Washable and reusable barrier mask

Washable textile mask (10 uses)

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Fabric barrier mask made in the European Union according to the standard AFNOR SPEC S76-001: 2020

  • Filtration efficiency of 3 μm particles greater than 90 %

  • Breathability: air permeability test higher than 96 L/m² for a vacuum of 100 Pa

  • Made in the European Union

  • Multi-layer, washable and reusable (max. 10 washes)

  • Designed to protect the wearer of the mask and the people in the vicinity of the wearer for four hours (optimal duration)

  • Breathing mask made of three textile layers

  • Positioned on the face with a single set of straps that go around the head

  • Lightweight, comfortable and shielding

  • One size
NoticeAt the rate of two masks per day per person (i.e. 10 masks for one person for a single week), and by washing these every week at 60°C, 10 textile masks will last you 10 weeks compared to 100 disposable masks.
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