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Nail UNS 104

UNS 104 nail
Art.-no.: 0864104027
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Product information:
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With steel disc

Universal nail for concrete surfaces in accordance with DIN EN 206-1 and DIN 1045.


Please observe the corresponding device category when selecting your fasteners.

Length calculation for nails used on concrete surfaces:

Penetration depth (min. 25 mm / max. 40 mm) + thickness of component to be fastened = nail or shaft length

All nails are suitable for secondary attachments (without general construction permit). The maximum tensile forces of individual attachments are at the discretion of the user and must be determined with test attachments or tightening tests.

Technical information

Shaft length

27 mm

Shaft diameter

3.7 mm

Washer diameter

20 mm

Head diameter

8 mm

Suitable for device type

Würth DIVA 1/Premium
Würth BST 1, BST 2/Berner BSG 2, 200, 201
Spit P 60, P 200
Hilti DX A40
Würth BST MA-75 (single shot kit for single fixtures), Hilti DX 350, DX 36M, DX 460





Washer thickness

2 mm