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1-component gun foam

1C gun foam B3

Art.-no. 08921521

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1-component gun foam

Art.-no. 08921521

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Installation and filling foam for gun application

Excellent adhesion to most building substrates (except PE, PP, PTFE and silicone)

Increased sound and thermal insulation with mineral wool, cork and glass fibre


No loss of volume and only limited expansion when hardened.

Quick to harden

Fine cell and even foam structure

Resistant to ageing

Resistant against a wide variety of solvents, paints and chemicals


Primer should be applied to porous and absorbent surfaces. PURLOGIC® TOP can be applied with the foam guns PURLOGIC® Xpress, art. no. 08911524 and PURLOGIC® COMBIpress, art. no. 08911526. Other guns are not compatible.

Product information

Würth Catalogue(X)

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Safety data sheet

Application area

Secure insulating and filling of window joints, pipe openings, joints, wall joints, wall openings and cavities, such as wall openings, roof finishings, pipe ducts, roller shutter boxes etc. Adheres to concrete, stone, hard PVC, metal and wood. Does not adhere to polyethylene, silicone, PTFE and grease.


Shake can vigorously 20 times before use. The surfaces must be clean, solid and free from dust and grease. Pre-treat highly absorbent surfaces. Adhesion surfaces must be moistened with water before the foam is applied. Moisten again if several foam beads are applied. Screw the can all the way into the gun support – do not screw too far or tilt. Foam continues to expand after application. Immediately remove splashes of foam with PURlogic Clean, art. no. 0892160. Thoroughly clean the gun and valve after use. Always leave the open can screwed onto the gun.

Chemical basis

Moisture curing polyurethane prepolymer





Moulded density

25 kg/m³

Conditions for moulded density

in accordance with DIN EN ISO 845 (average)

Tack-free after

10 min

Conditions for being tack-free

at 20°C and 65% humidity with 30-mm adhesive line

Can be cut after

40 min

Conditions for ability to cut

at 20°C and 65% relative humidity at 30-mm adhesive line

Final spreading possible after

2 h

Conditions for final spreading

at 20°C and 65% relative humidity at 30-mm adhesive line

Full resilience

12 h

Conditions for full resilience

at 20°C and 50% relative humidity

Min. processing temperature

5 °C

Max. processing temperature

30 °C

Min. surface processing temperature

5 °C

Max. surface processing temperature

35 °C

Min. temperature resistance

-40 °C

Max. temperature resistance

90 °C

Building material class

B3 - Of high flammability

Building material class conditions

in accordance with DIN 4102

Heat conductance λ

0.032 W/(m*K)

Heat conductance λ conditions

in accordance with DIN 52612

Compression strength

0.3 N/mm²

Compression strength conditions

in accordance with DIN 53421

Conditions for acoustic insulation of joints

in accordance with DIN 52210

Acoustic insulation for 10 mm-wide joint

-1 dB

Acoustic insulation for 20 mm-wide joint

-6 dB

Ultraviolet resistance


Breaking elongation

25 %

Breaking elongation conditions

in accordance with DIN 53571

Flexural strength

0.7 N/mm²

Conditions for flexural strength

in accordance with DIN 53423

Shear strength

0.17 N/mm²

Conditions for shear strength

in accordance with DIN 53427

Yield (volume) approx.

40 l

Conditions for yield

Foam yield (free foaming)


750 ml



Weight of content

735 g

Shelf life from production

12 Month

Conditions to maintain shelf life from production

at 20°C

Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

Product information

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